The Open DeFi Foundation is committed to supporting innovative builders on Injective
Our Grants Program is designed to provide milestone–based funding for projects that aim to grow the Injective ecosystem with pioneering ideas.
The grants application process
The overall procedure for receiving a grant consists of five discrete steps.
Step 1
Initial application submission
The application form submitted will be reviewed by a number of team members. Typically applications are processed on a rolling basis and you will receive a decision regarding next steps via email. If necessary, our team will reach out for further clarification of ideas and may schedule a preliminary call.
Step 2
Technical assessment
Any technical materials submitted will be analyzed by a team of technical experts with key attention given to technical fit, creativity and feasibility.
Step 3
An interview will be conducted by our team during which time you will receive the opportunity to present your vision while also clarifying key milestones.
Step 4
Results sent
You will be notified regarding decisions typically within one week of the interview’s conclusion.
Step 5
Onboarding and launch
Work with the Injective ecosystem team to onboard, establishing clear timelines, milestone metrics and reporting expectations. We’re here to support your team through project completion and mainnet launch!