The Open DeFi Foundation is committed to supporting innovative builders on Injective
Huge Development for Developers!

Prominent institutions and venture funds join forces in the Injective Ecosystem Venture Group to support Web3 growth.
Injective Ecosystem Venture Fund application process
Get in touch with leading institutions & VCs supporting dApps built on Injective with a $150 million ecosystem initiative.
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Criteria for Evaluation
All Web3 builders can apply to connect with the Injective Ecosystem Venture Group. Selected projects will be put in touch with relevant institutions based on sector focus, development stage and team. Details ->
Step 1
Application Process - Prepare Your Application
Browse the Injective website and ecosystem ventures page to learn more about how you can start disrupting the world of Web3 finance.
Step 2
Submit Your Application
An interview will be conducted by our team during which time you will receive the opportunity to present your vision while also clarifying key milestones.
Step 3
If your written application is accepted, you will have a final interview with our team.
Post submission
Venture Group members will reach out if further clarification is needed
You will receive a response only once a proper fit for your project is found, which can take several weeks to process. Our goal is to match you with the best institutions that can help accelerate your Web3 startup to the next stage in its evolution.